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At Recycle 1, we’re experts at what we do. Our team-first approach and legendary service ensure we deliver the results every time.

Decades of Recycling Expertise

Recycle 1 utilizes decades of industry experience to help businesses attain cost-effective and advanced recycling practices. We believe people are our greatest asset and know that honesty and respect are key to flourishing businesses.

As a global leader in recycling solutions, Recycle 1 has designed and developed customized waste repurposing strategies that improve the planet. As a member of the Canusa Hershman family, we strive to build upon a rich history of recycling through our skilled and dedicated team. Our unmatched industry expertise coupled with our economic, ecological plans ensures our clients move towards a more sustainable future with financial benefits.

Our Family of Companies

Bach Polymers

Bach Polymers provides quality customized solutions for the nation’s plastic industry. By buying, processing and selling all types of commercial-grade resins, we handle over 30 million pounds of prime and recycled plastics per month.

Canusa Hershman

Canusa Hershman is one of the world’s leading independent commodity trading and supply chain management companies. Our roots can be traced back to 1887 when Israel Hershman began collecting rags, scrap metal, and other “junk” throughout the streets of New Haven, Connecticut with his horse and wagon. As a trusted partner in global trade, Canusa Hershman has provided consumers and producers of raw materials with effective supply chain solutions for over 135 years.

Evergreen Fibres

Evergreen Fibres is an industry-leading third-party organization that provides unrivaled service and value to supplies and customers within the domestic and international paper markets. Our custom solutions connect customers with manufacturers to create enduring, sustainable relationships.

Our Team

Experience. Expertise. Excellence

Nate Nelson
President of Plant Operations, Canusa Hershman Recycling
Doug Shafer
General Manager at Recycle 1 Arizona
Don Bortz
General Manager at Recycle 1 Vermont & South Carolina
Dawn Anastasia
Service Manager at Recycle 1 Maryland

Do Some Good for Your Business.
Do Some Good for the Planet.

Recycle 1 continues to lead the way in recycling solutions and service.


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