What We Recycle

Recycle 1 offers tailored solutions so your business can make the most of its recyclable materials.

At Recycle 1 we’re different from your average recycling company. We pride ourselves on offering competitive 360 recycling services alongside world-class customer service to make it easy for you to help the planet and your business.

Paper Products

Book & Book Stock

Box Board Cutting (BBC) ISRI Grade

Carrier Stock (KCB)

Colored Envelope

Old Corrugated Container (OCC) (Grade #11)

Double Lined Kraft (DLK)

Double Sorted Corrugated Container (DS OCC) (Grade #12)

Fiber Cores (Cores)

Hard White Envelope Cutting (HWEC)

Manifold White Ledger (MWL)

Special News, De-ink Quality (#8 ONP)

Over Issue News (#9 ONP)

Sorted Office Paper (SOP)

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS)

Plastic Products

Vitamin or supplement bottles and beverage containers – (HDPE #2)

Heavy containers: buckets, drums, jugs, crates and bins – (HDPE #2)

Shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, polybags, and clear wrapping – (LDPE #4)

Bottle caps, containers, and crates – (PP #5)

Credit cards, blister pack, window coverings, packaging trays – (PVC #3)

Foam – Styrofoam & polyethylene foam – (EPS & EPE)

Industrial plastics such as purgings, regrind, or reprocessed resin

Engineering plastics such as nylon, ABS, PC

Semiconductor plastics such as wafer boxes, & IC Trays


Aluminum Soda and Beverage Cans –( UBC)


Aluminum Litho Plates, Parts, Pieces, Turnings, and Equipment, etc…


Who We Serve

With our world-class customer service and decades of recycling experience, we help you build a cleaner business and a better planet.

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Do Some Good for Your Business.
Do Some Good for the Planet.

World-class customer service. Decades of recycling experience.


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